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Don’t forget to check out our Facebook for up to date news about Habitat! We have a Big Game Party, houses being finished, and our fearless leader CEO Jack Wilson has been with us for 4 years! Check us out by clicking the link below.




Naval Academy Organist Monte Maxwell has arrived and is ready to blow you away with his rendition of our all time favorite Christmas music! Concert is on November 17th at the First Presbyterian Church ( 230 W. Rusk, Tyler, TX).

Call 903.595.6630 to reserve your seat today!


We have a new Community Cornerstone!

{Drumroll Please}

TaylorMade Design!

“TaylorMade Design was founded in 2000 with the idea in mind to create truly unique and effective websites. Each site is designed with the individual or the company as a whole, in mind.”
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Here’s what’s coming up:

Heroes and Hope Concert

Friends of Habitat Cruise

Fall Newsletter

World Habitat Day


Call 903.595.6630 or check out our website at www.smithcountyhabitat.org

for more information.



Here are a few event we have coming up:

Friends of Habitat Cruise

Heroes and Hope Concert


If  you’d like to be apart of any of these events, please call 903.595.6630 or for more information go to www.smithcountyhabitat.org .