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Here at Habitat we are really excited about the PLAYhouse project. For those of you who haven’t heard about it, PLAYhouse is a  joint venture between Fitzpatrick Architects and TISD (resembling a Freshman College Level Architecture Studio) where students design and build (with professional assistance) up to 4 playhouses. These PLAYhouses are up for bid at http://www.32auctions.com .100% of the proceeds will go to Habitat for Humanity of Smith County.


{Rocket ship}

These students dedicated an entire semester to building PLAYhouses and they did a fantastic job.

What I hope these students realize is they built so much more than just a PLAYhouse, they are building hope. The money from these PLAYhouses will help Habitat build REAL homes for deserving families. These homes will make a positive impact on a family for a lifetime.

Here’s the catch… We only get to help these people and build these homes if we sell the PLAYhouses. That’s were we need YOU.

I know some of you might be thinking ” I don’t need a PLAYhouse”. Very true, you may not need one, but does your church playground? Or a local school or other organizations in your area? What better way to say “Thank You” to a church or organization you’ve supported for years than to gift them with something like this! Ask your friends to purchase it with you!

To learn more about the PLAYhouse project visit our website: click here.