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Bound South

Being a Habitat fan, I really enjoy hearing about how people support their local Habitat for Humanity. There are COUNTLESS ways to get involved and fun new ideas being thought up everyday. The best part is, when you get involved with Habitat, you are doing more than just supporting an organization, you are becoming part of a family.

~ When you work on a Habitat job site, you are actually working alongside with the person whose home you are building (our homeowners spend 350-500 hours building their own home and other Habitat Homes).

~By the time a home is built, you’ve made a bond that will fill your heart with an indescribable joy. Building a home + making lifelong friends = Happy Dance!

 *Elizabeth Arellano, Habitat Homeowner, working on her home.*

 While searching Freshly Pressed one day I came across a blog that encompassed everything I love about Habitat. People supporting Habitat (got to love that part), family, and a sense of adventure. The guys at Bound South are supporting their local Habitat in a creative way that will impact their lives forever.

*About Bound South*

“Bound South is about ideas: that adventure can be more than a personal indulgence, that philanthropy can be reimagined, and that boldness is the answer to adversity. Since 2008, three brothers from a family farm in Starkweather, ND have dreamed of a rugged Pan-American bike expedition to benefit Habitat for Humanity. In August 2011, this dream becomes a reality.”

*Image from the Bound South Blog*

The brothers are on the “last leg” of their journey. I can’t even imagine how much this adventure has changed their lives or how touched their local Habitat for Humanity is by their efforts. That they would go to these extremes to build someone a home is an incredible inspiration.

*Image from the Bound South Blog*

If you would like to read more about Bound South and their incredible journey, you can follow their blog by clicking the link below:


If you would like to learn how to support Habitat for Humanity of Smith County, please click the link below or call us at  903.595.6630.


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