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Great Day at Habitat

On Wednesday, two families became official Habitat homeowners. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to the Lopez Family and the Ponciano Family!

Picking Colors

Our Habitat homeowner get to customize their home by choosing everything from the house color to the drawer pulls. Here are a few pictures of Melinda picking out items for her home.

Wall Raising Day

Last Saturday, Habitat got to raise the walls for soon-to-be homeowner Melinda Woods!

Check out these fun pictures from the day!

Wall Raising Day

Raising walls on a Habitat home is one of the most inspiring moments I’ve ever witnessed. The volunteers arrive at 7 a.m. or before and despite being awake at such an early hour on a Saturday, they are always cheery and eager to start construction. Once everyone arrives, we gather around on the foundation of the house and start the morning in prayer. It is always an honor to listen to the Pastor pray over the homeowners, volunteers, and Habitat before construction starts. When the blessings are finished, everyone goes off in their assigned places to get started. Volunteers gather the first two walls and place them in such a way to make a corner. One of my favorite moments is watching the homeowner bravely climb a ladder and hammer in the first nail on their brand new home. The joy radiating off their face is a moment that cannot be put into words. No matter if it’s sunny or misting rain; hot or so cold you can’t feel your fingers, wall raising day remains one of the most magical moment of being a part of Habitat.

{Walls frames are built off site before hand.}

{It is awesome to see this pile of lumber turn into a home.}

{Congratulations to the Ponciano Family!}

{The Habitat truck. Stocked with everything from granola bars to hammers.}


{Happiest Habitat Helper}

{The Blessing}

{Father & Son}

{First Walls}

{First Nail for Him}

{First nail for Her}












The boys in the pictures below are so excited about living in their Habitat home they refused to stand by watching other people build, they jumped right into the action. We are thankful we could capture this sweet moment. Congratulations to the Lopez Family on their Habitat Home!

The Lopez Family

Living As Children of Light

“As volunteers gather at a build site, morning’s earliest rays slant across yesterday’s accomplishments, pointing now toward today’s tasks.

A sunbeam streams through the window of a house, brightening the renovations that will help revitalize the surrounding neighborhood.

The dust of busy construction dances in the blaze of a bright afternoon, as families build their way to a brighter future.

Habitat for Humanity’s work is a prism that cast a vision of a better world. The work of Habitat partner families, volunteers and supporters builds cities on hills, the kind that cannot be hidden. The work illuminates communities with beacons of partnership, cooperation and hope –  a reflection of who we are when we come together, a refraction that reveals a different path for us to travel together.

Of all the light surrounding Habitat’s efforts around the world, however, the truest light of all is in a homeowner’s eyes as they look at what they have helped build-and in the eyes of their children as they step into a room that will be the first they can call their own. It’s a look that conjures St. Augustine’s celebration of the ‘ illimitable abundance and marvelous loveliness of light’, an abundance and light that will only continue to grow as they do.

And, with your help, as Habitat does, too.”

This article in Habitat World magazine really captures what it is like to watch a homeowner experience their home for the first time. It is an honor to watch them laugh and cry; to stare in amazement at all the they have accomplished with God’s good grace and Habitat’s help. I feel privileged to be apart of an organization that can turn people’s most cherished dreams into reality.