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Wall Raising Day

Last Saturday, Habitat got to raise the walls for soon-to-be homeowner Melinda Woods!

Check out these fun pictures from the day!

Wall Raising Day

Raising walls on a Habitat home is one of the most inspiring moments I’ve ever witnessed. The volunteers arrive at 7 a.m. or before and despite being awake at such an early hour on a Saturday, they are always cheery and eager to start construction. Once everyone arrives, we gather around on the foundation of the house and start the morning in prayer. It is always an honor to listen to the Pastor pray over the homeowners, volunteers, and Habitat before construction starts. When the blessings are finished, everyone goes off in their assigned places to get started. Volunteers gather the first two walls and place them in such a way to make a corner. One of my favorite moments is watching the homeowner bravely climb a ladder and hammer in the first nail on their brand new home. The joy radiating off their face is a moment that cannot be put into words. No matter if it’s sunny or misting rain; hot or so cold you can’t feel your fingers, wall raising day remains one of the most magical moment of being a part of Habitat.

{Walls frames are built off site before hand.}

{It is awesome to see this pile of lumber turn into a home.}

{Congratulations to the Ponciano Family!}

{The Habitat truck. Stocked with everything from granola bars to hammers.}


{Happiest Habitat Helper}

{The Blessing}

{Father & Son}

{First Walls}

{First Nail for Him}

{First nail for Her}












The boys in the pictures below are so excited about living in their Habitat home they refused to stand by watching other people build, they jumped right into the action. We are thankful we could capture this sweet moment. Congratulations to the Lopez Family on their Habitat Home!

The Lopez Family

Habitat Home

Stephanie closed on her Habitat Home today and we couldn’t be more excited for her! So much hard work and dedication went into making this house a home and we were thrilled to had over the keys! We wish you many happy years of living in YOUR home. 🙂