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DIY Saturday

Ok, we have all seen this piece of furniture at the ReStore, or it’s close relative. It looks heavy and dated, and might seem like too much of a project to bear.  But no, don’t pass it up again because look what you can do with it!


It’s the Little Things…

They make all the difference in the life of the elderly or disabled. Lever door handles when traditional knobs are difficult to turn, steps with railing when the old ones become too dangerous and grab bars when getting in the shower becomes too difficult.
Thank you, Donors! YOU are making a BIG difference with these LITTLE changes.
doorknob steps

DIY Saturday

This vintage screen door was probably destined for the garbage, but check out this great idea to repurpose! A little wood backing, and chalkboard paint goes a long way here.


Sylvia’s Story

Sylvia is a 70-year-old widow who is also disabled. Her home was extensively damaged in a fire, but thankfully there was no structural damage. The cause of the fire remains unknown. Unfortunately, Sylvia’s home was uninsured.  Through YOUR Smith County Habitat’s critical repair program, Sylvia’s home has been remodeled. She now has a safe, secure, insured home to enjoy for many years to come.
afterfire beforefire