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DIY Saturday



Haven’t you seen old window screens in the trash? I have! Look at the clever way of repurposing them! A light, airy laundry hamper. These days you would be more apt to find metal framed screens, but those could work too, with wood reinforcement.  It would be a very primitive/industrial look!

DIY Saturday

Sometimes finding that perfect piece of furniture can be next to impossible! The right height, length, width, color, the list goes on and on. Why not build your own with supplies from the Smith County Habitat Restore Home Improvement Center?  You would be making a great piece of furniture, while supporting a wonderful non-profit by purchasing your materials at the ReStore!

Check out this shelving unit:



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DIY Saturday



Welcome to DIY Saturday! A regular blog feature at Smith County Habitat.  We like to feature ideas on how to reuse and repurpose items that you might find at our ReStore Home Improvement Center, in Tyler, TX on Front Street.

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What a great use of a mailbox! Use an old one to store umbrellas, brooms, wrapping paper, anything that needs to stand up for storage!