Habitat for Humanity of Hood County

One of our Habitat for Humanity fellow affiliates has had a tough week, to say the least. Habitat for Humanity of Hood County, Texas is in the process of recovering from a devastating natural disaster that struck in their area.

A tornado managed to damage 61 homes in the Rancho Brazos neighborhood near Granbury Texas.  Of those 61 homes, 58 were Habitat homes. Habitat for Humanity of Hood County also lost much of their tools and trailers in the tornado as well.

Please join with us at Habitat for Humanity of Smith County in praying for our Habitat family, those homeowners affected and for strength for everyone involved.

If you would like to give a monetary donation, please visit their webpage for further details.  http://www.habitatofhoodcounty.org/pages/donate.htm

A video published shortly after the incident:  Habitat for Humanity of Hood County

A photo of the aftermath from Granbury: