Are you connected?

Social Media, 20 years ago the term did not exist.  Now it’s all the rage. We have Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Google+, the list goes on. The words “tweet” and “like,” have a whole new meaning. Creating something that goes “viral” is not necessarily a bad thing any longer. A viral post on Twitter or Facebook, for instance, can bring a new level of popularity to your business or cause.

That’s the main purpose of Social Media is to bring awareness, to bring connection to a cause or business. At Habitat for Humanity of Smith County we want to stay connected to our community, volunteers, donors and peers by using Social Media. Is there anything that you would like to see posted or talked about?

You don’t tweet or like posts? No problem! There are many other great resources to stay connected to Habitat for Humanity of Smith County!

One such resource is the website, and can be found here Another resource is our monthly newsletter, please go to this web address to add your email to our list

Here’s our latest email newsletter:


Not a fan of computers or the internet? Feel free to stop by our location on Front Street in Tyler. The ReStore Home Improvement Store has wonderful finds for all your home projects, home furnishings and much more! You can also pick up some information about Habitat for Humanity of Smith County there as well.

Let’s Stay Connected.

Please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions or ideas!