Start to Finish

As you can imagine, a new Habitat for Humanity of Smith County home requires planning. Months of planning. From selecting a family, to the location of the home, to the building materials, the list goes on!

The first day when the walls are raised on a new home, the feeling is electric. The planning is coming together to truly change lives.  Volunteers are integral at all stages in a Habitat Home.  Have you ever wondered where you could volunteer your time in this process?  Have you ever helped change a life?

Hammering, painting, landscaping, it all must be done at a new Habitat home.  Volunteers are there the entire way through.  On Melinda’s home, we had a chance to capture one particular volunteer who was able to see the entire project through, from raising walls on the first day, to the closing! Such an exciting experience, gone full circle.

Mike & Melinda

THE START- In this photo our volunteer, Mike, is working with Melinda, the homeowner, to raise walls!


THE FINISH- The home is now complete and  in this photo Mike and Melinda are at closing.

I can confidently say,  this is a life changing, very gratifying experience for both Mike and Melinda.  Mike as a faithful volunteer and Melinda as a new homeowner.

On this Good Friday, I encourage you to reflect on what it is you can do for others.  We would love to have you volunteer with us at Habitat for Humanity of Smith County.

Our offices are closed today, but will reopen Monday morning at 9AM. The ReStore Home Improvement Center is open normal hours today and tomorrow.

Happy Easter Weekend!