A closing!

Habitat for Humanity of Smith County is in the business of changing lives. Truly changing them. Yesterday was one of those days.  Melinda closed on her home! She and her three children now have a beautiful home of their own.

Melinda said it best, “I tell my children that they must have goals and dreams, my dream has always been to own my own home, to be able to see where my money was going instead of throwing it away on rent.”

Rent is no longer a part of Melinda’s life, her hard work and diligence will now go towards the home that is her own. The home that she and her  family spent countless hours helping to build. The home that will now provide stability, foundation and consistency to she and her children.


Melinda and her children at closing


Welcome Home!


The peaceful backyard view Melinda and her family will enjoy for years to come!