Fun Fact Friday

How about a trip back in time?

You know you were born in the 60’s when…

  • When you were a kid, your station wagon’s rear seat faced backwards.
  • When you hear Sting singing, “I want my MTV,” you flash back to the beginning of, you guessed it, MTV!
  • You remember the song, “Convoy.”
  • You or your friend had a tape player that held two cassettes, so you could copy one tape to another.
  • You had big hair at one point in your life.
  • You remember, “The Spirit of 76!”
  • Everyone had cap guns.
  • You had clackers before they were pulled off the market due to eye injuries.
  • Stores sold candy cigarettes that you could blow into and “smoke” would come out.
  • You were of legal drinking age when you turned 18.
  • School locker rooms had showers.
  • After breakfast you went outside and didn’t come back until dinner, except perhaps for a lunch break.
  • The first handheld game was football.
  • You remember the first Rubix cube.
  • You knew a “brain” who could do the Rubix cube in a few seconds flat.
  • Instead of using body boards, you rode waves on blue and red canvas rafts.
  • Your parents would watch the news at 6:00 and it was borrriiinnngggg!
  • Your first record player had two speeds.
  • You wore nice clothing when going on an airplane.
  • Two words.  Clogs and Candies.
  • You owned a Jellybean Jacket. Mine was blue!
  • You had a bubble umbrella.
  • When you were young, you had a banana seat on your bike.
  • You knew someone who had a Flexy.
  • McDonald’s was “over one million sold.”
  • You collected bottles for money.
  • You chewed “Smooth and Juicy” bubble gum.
  • You remember Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor.
  • There was no such thing as pizza delivery.
  • You got up to change the channel.
  • Coffee was percolated.
  • There were no microwaves.
  • You had a pet rock.
  • You had slime with worms.
  • Bazooka Bubble Gum cartoons would sometimes have the note, “Help, I’m trapped in a bubble gum factory!” on them.


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